NIX Solutions: Google Rival Raises $25M In The Stock Market

Search service You.Com raised $25 million in the stock market. The company is going to resist Google’s search dominance. It was reported by Axios.

NIX Solutions

This is not the first time that investors have believed in the project. Last fall, it raised $20 million in funding.

The peculiarity of You.Com is a bet on the security of user data. There is no monetization through advertising on it, therefore it does not collect personal data to use and does not transfer to third parties in order to monetize them in the future, says iGuide.

The service could follow the example of monetization DuckDuckGo – this service places ads for Bing and Yahoo, but does not customize it for users itself. In addition, paid professional services may appear on You.Com.

NIX Solutions notes that the service was founded in 2020 by two sales managers. In November 2021, it was presented to investors, and immediately it attracted $20 million in funding from the stock market.