NIX Solutions: 64% of marketers are ready to prefer search advertising to SEO

The  portal  shared the results of a study designed to find out in which promotion channels it is now best to invest in SEO or search advertising (Google Ads).

During the study, the company interviewed 496 business owners and marketing professionals, as well as 522 search engine users.

The survey results showed that Google Ads (90%) and SEO (87%) are effective, states

Moreover, choosing one of the two channels, 64% of respondents would choose Google Ads. Oddly enough, this is the prevailing  answer, despite the fact that SEO allows you to attract more referral traffic than search advertising.

Thus, a study by Bright Edge showed that organic search provides 53% of traffic to sites, and advertising – only about 15%.

As for the survey among users, 84% of them are more likely to follow organic results, and only 45% choose advertising.

Thus, the study revealed a gap between marketers’ expectations and user attitudes.

NIX Solutions assumed that specialists may prefer advertising, as it is easier to track and control.

56% of specialists are able to measure ROI of advertising, while ROI of search engine optimization is only 36%.

Experts still recommend that experts combine both channels – paid and organic. In which combination to apply both of these approaches will depend on the specific situation.

It is also noted that the results of the study may not be extrapolated to the entire industry as a whole due to the small sample size.