NIX Solutions: COVID-19 epidemic breaks search patterns that train AI systems

The MIT Technology Review magazine published an article stating that the COVID-19 pandemic violated the search patterns on which artificial intelligence systems are trained, notes NIX Solutions.

This has led AI algorithms to start returning bad results, says SearchEngines.

Machine learning models are designed to respond to change. But most of them are quite “fragile”: they do not work well when the input data is too different from the data on which they were trained.”

As Pactera Edge global vice president Rajeev Sharma noted, “AI is a living, breathing machine.” Therefore, you can’t configure it once and for all.

This data makes you wonder: is it possible that the Google algorithm has been updated to better respond to current trends in the search? Or is the changed input data affecting the algorithm? There is no exact answer to these questions yet.

Moz employee Dr. Peter Meyers believes that changes in the operation of search algorithms are caused by shifts in the operation of sites and user behavior.

During the pandemic, sites began to publish content more actively, and users began to search for other information. Meyers is certain that Google engineers did not update the algorithm to return other results. It reacts to changes in the external environment.

However, this is also only one of the opinions.