NIX Solutions: Google Has No Plans to Disable URL Submission Tool

During the last video meeting for webmasters, Google employee John Mueller assured that the search engine does not plan to disable the URL submission tool, access to which is temporarily suspended.

This question was asked by Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable. He asked Mueller why he created a survey about this tool, and noted that the webmaster began to think that Google was not going to return it because of this.

Mueller replied that he created the survey personally for himself, in order to understand what Google could do better and more efficiently.

The tool for sending URLs for indexing is used not only by webmasters, but also by spammers. In addition, Google is now thinking about how to automate this process so that webmasters do not have to do it manually.

Mueller also reiterated that Google has no plans to disable this feature, but if it can handle many of these requests automatically, it will save everyone time.

That’s why Mueller published his poll: to understand what Google needs to do differently.

NIX Solutions notes that many webmasters wrote that indexing a page can take weeks if it is not manually submitted. However, this should not be so. Mueller hopes the feedback gathered will help improve Google’s systems.