NIX Solutions: Unexpected Google Algorithm Update

On November 2, Google initiated a major algorithm update, causing a rapid surge in search result volatility. This came as a surprise to most in the Western digital ecosystem, as it occurred just weeks after the last kernel update. Notably, the November update not only caught the industry off guard but also proved to be more potent than previous updates in the year.

NIX Solutions

Varied Impact on Webmasters

The SEO community is abuzz with discussions on the implications of this update. Various SERP tracking tools are reporting turbulence in Google’s search results. While many webmasters have experienced a decline in traffic, rankings, and conversions, a significant number have witnessed unexpected improvements. These gains have primarily benefited smaller, newer sites in e-commerce, niche services, and the gaming industry, along with older websites that had long struggled to improve their search positions.

However, even those who have seen positive outcomes remain cautious. One webmaster observed, “Huge boost yesterday for my oldest and greatest site. Traffic at levels I’ve never seen (in 17 years)… Unfortunately, this momentum is most likely due to a temporary reshuffling of the issuance and the technical aspects of rolling out a new kernel update.”

Impending Reviews Update Concerns

NIX Solutions reminds that Google has also announced an upcoming Reviews Update alongside the November Core Update. This has raised concerns among Western digital professionals, as the simultaneous rollout of these updates could potentially intensify the turbulence in search results, making it a challenging period for webmasters.