NIX Solutions: Sites Can Get Stuck for Several Years Due to Algorithms

During a recent hangout with webmasters, John Mueller of Google reported that occasionally some sites can get stuck in a pessimized state, fall into a kind of “algorithmic limbo” or black hole, due to the fact that Google has stopped updating one or another algorithm. He pointed out that for this reason, some sites have not been able to recover or improve their positions for several years.

NIX Solutions

According to Mueller, sites find themselves in such a strange intermediate state due to the fact that the search algorithm that viewed the website and considered it completely unusable, for some reason, does not update for a very long time. Sometimes it goes on for years, says SearchEngines.

Fortunately, it is “extremely rare” for sites to simply get stuck in low rankings. If this suddenly happened, Mueller advises you to contact support:

“The likelihood that a site will fail and freeze like this is very low. But if you are trying, working on the site, doing everything correctly, and nothing works, then please contact us. We will check to see if the problem is on our part. ”

NIX Solutions notes that you can listen to this fragment of the discussion on the video (starting at 24:49 min mark)