NIXSolutions: Screaming Frog Integrated with Google’s URL Inspection API

Screaming Frog website audit tool has been updated to version 16.6. One of the main changes in it was the integration with the new URL Inspection API from Google, which was introduced last week.

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This integration allowed Screaming Frog to get up-to-date crawl data. As a result, the tool has seven new filters:

  • URL Is Not on Google;
  • Indexable URL Not Indexed;
  • URL is on Google, But Has Issues (with mobile usability, AMP or rich results);
  • User-Declared Canonical Not Selected;
  • Page Is Not Mobile Friendly;
  • AMP URL Is Invalid (AMP has a bug that prevents indexing);
  • Rich Result Invalid – there are errors in the markup that prevent rich results from showing up in SERPs.

Screaming Frog users can now connect to the SEO Spider’s URL Inspection API and retrieve up to 2,000 URLs per property per day along with regular crawl data, says SearchEngines.

Screaming Frog also introduced a tool for checking extended results.

NIXSolutions adds that in version 16.6, the developers closed the log4j vulnerability, added new keyboard shortcuts for performing certain actions, and fixed several bugs to make the tool more stable.

More information about all the changes in the new version can be found here.