NIX Solutions: How Long Posts Stay in Google Discover Feed

Valentin Pletzer, head of SEO at BurdaForward, shared the results of a small study designed to find out how long posts (articles and stories) remain in the Google Discover feed.

Pletzer analyzed 6,000 URLs from over 1,300 publishers, of which 66% of the URLs were AMP pages.

The data obtained showed that 61% of publications remain in the recommendation feed from 1 hour to 24 hours, and only 6% – less than 1 hour.

Only 17% of articles stay in the feed from one to two days, and 7% from two to three days. Moreover, 9% are available for more than three days.

In the sample of URLs studied, the shortest time an article stayed in the feed was 70 seconds, and the longest was 710 days (almost two years).

That being said, as Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable noted, probably not all articles stay in the Discover feed all the time. It’s possible that Google could re-serve older content to users if it deems it relevant.

NIX Solutions adds that the Discover feed is personalized, so its content varies from user to user. So it is very difficult to accurately measure these results.