NIX Solutions: Google Can Show Context Of The Search Phrase

Many people know that if you enter a word or phrase in quotation marks into Google, the search engine will filter out results where the requested words do not occur in the desired form. So, synonyms and other forms of words will be excluded. Google decided to improve search with quotes and introduced an update that allows you to quickly find the information you need on the Internet.

NIX Solutions

The improvement will help you see the context of the phrase you are looking for. Previously, the quoted word was shown only in the card title, but now the text fragment around the found phrase or word will be displayed in the card content. This will help weed out unnecessary search results without going to the suggested sites, says 4PDA.

According to a Google representative, the context of the phrase was previously not taken into account, because it could contain useless words from the site navigation menu, header, or other technical sections. After studying user feedback, the developers decided to add context to the card instead of describing the page with the search phrase.

NIX Solutions adds that the new function may not work if the words from the query are found in hidden sections of the site or the page has been deleted, but the search engine has not yet managed to index the site. The function also works in the mobile version of Google, but the phrase is not highlighted in bold.