NIX Solutions reports: Google Ads Performance Planner Gets 3 New Features

Google Ads has updated Performance Planner with three new features, states SearchEngines. Among the features:

Support for shared budgets in search campaigns

Advertisers can now create, edit, and download forecasts for shared budget campaigns.

Plans sharing

Another innovation is the ability to share plans that is used for viewing and editing.

Conversion delay accounting

If it takes more than 7 days to get information on conversions or their costs, then the Performance Planner will now account for this delay.

For example, if an advertiser plans some spendings in November, then the plan might include projected conversions that could occur in November and December. As a result, it will be possible to obtain a more accurate forecast of efficiency.

NIX Solutions reminds that Performance Planner appeared in Google Ads in 2019. The tool determines the optimal amount of spending for campaigns to get additional conversions.