NIX Solutions: Opera One R2 Preview

Opera has released the R2 preview of its flagship browser, Opera One. It’s available for download on the Developer Channel, offering users the chance to test out features like improved media controls, screen splitting, new built-in AI capabilities, and more.

Redesigned Media Controls and Split-Screen Mode

A notable innovation in Opera One R2 is the redesigned media controls, which allow you to quickly pause and resume playback without interrupting your work. Just hover your mouse over the sidebar without switching from the current tab. The browser can automatically pause and resume playback when you start a video or receive an incoming call. The floating picture-in-picture window allows you to pause playback, move to the previous and next playback items, quickly mute the sound, and perform other actions.

The browser now has a split-screen mode, allowing you to place two pages in one window. To do this, simply move one of the tabs to the desired side. Those who like to keep a large number of tabs open will appreciate the “trails” feature – the titles of recently viewed tabs are underlined with a thin line. For additional personalization, you can assign a different emoticon to each tab.

Enhanced AI Features and Upcoming Updates

The upcoming version of Opera One R2 will feature AI-generated themes with customizable dynamic backgrounds and sound effects. In the current version, the capabilities of the built-in AI system Aria have expanded: it supports the generation of images, allows you to create queries with uploaded images, and can also read your answers out loud. A page context mode has appeared, meaning that AI can prepare a summary of the content on an open page, offer translation, and perform other operations.

Opera One R2 is available for download on the Developer Channel, with versions for Windows, macOS, and Linux, notes NIX Solutions. The public version is scheduled for release this year. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments as they arise.