NIX Solutions: OpenAI to Unveil AI-Powered Search Engine

Yesterday’s revelation that OpenAI intends to unveil a product leveraging artificial intelligence in Internet search now comes with a timeline. According to sources, the AI search engine’s grand debut is slated for next Monday, positioning itself as a contender against Google’s search engine and Perplexity’s AI-driven search tool.

NIX Solutions

In the Shadow of Google I/O:

Interestingly, OpenAI’s announcement aligns strategically just ahead of Google I/O, the annual conference set to commence on Tuesday. Anticipation brews as Google is anticipated to unveil an array of AI-centric software products during the event. We’ll keep you updated as the competition unfolds.

ChatGPT’s Transformation:

Previously hinted, the web search feature is anticipated to be integrated into ChatGPT, OpenAI’s flagship AI bot. This innovation is expected to empower ChatGPT with internet information retrieval capabilities, potentially linking answers to relevant sources. Despite being recognized as an alternative tool for internet searches, ChatGPT currently lacks real-time web data retrieval capabilities. Stay tuned as developments progress.

Google and Perplexity:

Not to be outdone, Google is actively enhancing its search engine with AI-driven features, likely to be unveiled in the upcoming week, adds NIX Solutions. Meanwhile, Perplexity, a startup boasting a $1 billion valuation, founded by a former OpenAI engineer, has already introduced its own AI search engine. With a user base of 10 million monthly as of January, Perplexity stands as a formidable contender in the evolving landscape of AI-driven search technologies. Stay informed as the battle for supremacy unfolds.