NIX Solutions reports: Google Has No Plans to Support Service Workers in Search

Google has no plans to support service workers in search yet, reports SearchEngines. This was stated by employee of the company Martin Splitt during the session of questions and answers on JavaScript SEO on Reddit.

So, one of the specialists asked:

“Are there plans to support service workers?”

Splitt answered like this:

“Good question. The short answer is no.

Longer answer: Since we have to assume that someone clicks on your page from the SERP is a new visitor, starting a service worker usually won’t do much good. In this case, Googlebot will probably see a different UX than the first time the user visits the page, which is not good for those coming from the SERP, as they may not see what they expect. ”

NIX Solutions reminds that earlier Splitt answered the question of whether it is worth breaking CSS and JS files into smaller parts, and in April he published a video on the topic of links and JavaScript.