NIX Solutions: Mozilla Firefox 121 Released

Mozilla recently rolled out an update for Firefox across all supported platforms, bringing a range of notable improvements. While the Android version saw the most substantial enhancements, users on Linux, Windows, and macOS also received valuable additions.

NIX Solutions

Explore the latest Firefox update—version 121—across Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux, introducing a host of new features, extensions, and enhanced developer tools for a more versatile browsing experience.

Android Advancements

The latest Firefox 121 for Android now boasts support for over 450 extensions, a significant leap from the previously available couple of dozen. Developers can freely publish add-ons on the mobile version’s site, accessible for download by all users of the current stable browser version.

Platform-Specific Upgrades

Windows users can now utilize the Microsoft AV1 Video Extension, enabling hardware decoding of the AV1 video codec via the application settings (about: support). Furthermore, a new option allows forcing underlining of links in the Browser section of settings, alongside a revamped PDF viewer featuring a quick removal button for graphics and text from documents.

For macOS users, the update introduces voice command support, while Linux now leverages the Wayland compositor (if available) instead of XWayland. This brings touchpad and display gesture support, per-monitor DPI settings, and enhances overall application performance, notes NIX Solutions.

The update introduces several developer-focused innovations detailed on Mozilla’s official blog. Additionally, 18 known vulnerabilities have been addressed, enhancing the browser’s security.