NIX Solutions: Google Resumes Its Tool For Sending Indexing Requests

The Google search engine has officially announced the resumption of the tool, designed to send requests for indexing.

As of today, it is once again available through the Google Search Console platform. Thus, this very useful tool stopped working for 69 days, says Internet-Technologies.

As before, this option is available within the URL validation tool.

In addition, the official representatives of the Google search engine recalled that:

  • If you have a large number of URLs that need to be indexed, you need to send the map file (Sitemap) to the Google search engine, and not request indexing through the Google Search Console platform;
  • Submitting requests for indexing does not guarantee that certain URLs will be included in the index of the Google search engine. It should be clearly understood that its various algorithms use the fastest possible addition of really high-quality and useful content to the index as a main priority.

NIX Solutions reminds that in October this year, the Google search engine officially announced the temporary shutdown of the tool for sending indexing requests. This decision was explained by the need to make rather serious changes to the internal infrastructure of the Google Search Console platform.