NIX Solutions: Google’s Year in Search 2023

Google’s “Year in Search” project page for 2023 reveals the year’s top trends across various categories.

Top Trends


The war in Israel and the Gaza Strip emerged as the most searched news topic, followed by the tragic loss of the Titan deep-sea submersible during a dive to the Titanic wreckage. Natural disasters like the Turkish earthquake and hurricanes Hilary and Idalia also captured user attention, alongside India’s lunar mission and the conflict in Sudan.

NIX Solutions


In the people category, searches centered around events involving American football player Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest during a game and actor Jeremy Renner’s survival after an accident involving his snow blower. Notorious blogger Andrew Tate’s legal troubles and French footballer Killian Mbappe’s potential move to Real Madrid also piqued interest. American footballer Travis Kelce’s romance with pop star Taylor Swift completed the top searches.


The year’s notable losses included actor Matthew Perry, singer Tina Turner, and performer Sinead O’Connor. Additionally, the world bid farewell to French actress and singer Jane Beakin and American musician Jimmy Buffett.


In movies, “Barbie” and the biographical thriller “Oppenheimer” led the pack, while “The Last of Us” dominated the series category, followed by “Wednesday” and “Ginny and Georgia” focusing on teenage lives.


Hogwarts Legacy topped gaming searches, set in the Harry Potter universe. The Last of Us and Connections, a puzzle game by The New York Times, followed in popularity, the latter making waves since its summer 2023 release.