NIXSolutions: Google’s Stance on Deleting Old Content

Embracing Old Content: Google’s Standpoint

A Tweet from Google spokesperson Danny Sullivan shook the ground of common SEO practices. Sullivan’s message was clear: don’t hastily remove old content from your website based on the misconception that Google dislikes it. Contrary to such beliefs, Google’s search algorithms often find older content to be valuable. Deleting it might not be the best move.


Supporting Evidence: The Guide to Valuable Content

Sullivan substantiated his statement by referring to a guide emphasizing the creation of meaningful content. This guide serves as a testament to the idea that older content isn’t inherently undesirable.

Quality over Age: Debunking Misconceptions

When a Twitter user sought clarification about removing outdated, broken-link-riddled content, Danny Sullivan provided further insight. He acknowledged that a poorly performing page might not rank well, and removing it could facilitate better crawling of other site content. Yet, he highlighted that this doesn’t translate to a sweeping site improvement.

Expert Consensus: The Importance of Selective Deletion

John Mueller encapsulated the sentiment. He advised regular site maintenance and decluttering, but cautioned against the fallacy of thinking deletion solely based on age will magically enhance SEO.

Beyond Metrics: Valuing Niche Content

Mueller also urged webmasters to reconsider content with fewer views, emphasizing that its uniqueness, even if catering to a niche audience, shouldn’t be undermined by factors like age or views.

A Glimpse Back: Google’s Historical Standpoint

Highlighting the consistency of Google’s perspective, it’s worth noting that back in 2017, search engineer Gary Illyes affirmed not recommending the deletion of old or outdated content. He pointed out that archived publications could still contribute to traffic and revenue, especially when linked from other materials. The example of The New York Times’ extensive archive further solidifies this stance.