NIX Solutions: Google’s New Political Content Rules

Google is implementing changes to its advertising rules, specifically concerning political content. Starting from November 2023, advertisers of such content will need to adhere to new guidelines.


Labeling Requirement for Falsified Content

Under these changes, any content featuring graphics, video, or audio that falsely portrays real individuals or events, or convincingly depicts non-existent individuals or events, must include a clear warning in the advertisement. This warning should be easily noticeable and comprehensible to users. Advertisers must ensure that their political content does not mislead or deceive viewers.

Exemptions for Unaltered Advertisements

Advertisements that employ neural networks to edit content, without altering the core message or context of the ad, will be exempt from the labeling requirement. Such content editing includes actions like resizing images, cropping, adjusting color and brightness, correcting image flaws, or modifying the background.

Enhanced Transparency Initiatives

NIX Solutions reminds that in early September, Google’s advertising network introduced the “Limited Ad Display” policy. This initiative aims to enhance transparency in advertising information and reduce the prevalence of fraudulent and misleading ads across the platform.