NIXsolutions: Google Updated Lighthouse to Version 8.3.0

Lighthouse technology used by PageSpeed ​​Insights and Chrome DevTools has been updated to version 8.3.0. There are no major changes to Core Web Vitals in the new version, but includes a number of features for upcoming updates, notes NIXsolutions.


Fraggle Rock

Lighthouse will learn to analyze touches from the moment the user took the action and what happened next. The technology provides data on complex processes, for example, registering a user or adding an item to a cart. The Fraggle Rock project is in the planning stages and has eight phases throughout its development process.

Updated description of Lighthouse

The emphasis in the new description is on complex work and user experience. Lighthouse does not measure all ranking factors, the PR-CY notes.

The entire list of changes is available here.

A new version of Lighthouse is already available for PageSpeed ​​Insights, and a version for ChromeDev Tools will follow the release of Chrome 94, scheduled for release on September 21st.