NIX Solutions: Google Announces New Google Docs Integrations

Google continues to work on making its Workspace collaboration service more attractive. Access to tools is now open to third-party developers, for example, to Google Docs online text editor.

NIX Solutions

The user will only need to enter the name of the file or application followed by the “@” symbol to view and edit it in Google Docs. The function is called Smart Chips and is responsible for integrating other applications into the Google service.

The function is possible thanks to the new API, which was presented as part of the Cloud Next conference. Using the API will allow, for example, managing Asana projects or viewing previews of Miro and Figma boards.

Google will also provide more access to Meet. Developers will be able to integrate core meeting controls into their applications. Users are offered the function of automatic decoding of video communication sessions. Initially, the service was positioned as a corporate one, and the new feature may be in demand by any users who would not like to miss something important.

Previously, you had to use third-party services to translate speech to text. So far, the decryption works only in English. In the future, the company promised to further expand the capabilities of Meet and offer users analytical reports, but the company has not yet indicated the timing of the implementation of new features, notes NIX Solutions.

Google also announced that the Meet service now supports Huddly and Logitech cameras equipped with artificial intelligence systems – we are talking about adaptive framing, which allows you to constantly keep the interlocutor in the frame.