NIXSolutions: Google Unveils Chrome 120 Features

Google has rolled out Chrome 120 with a trio of features aimed at enhancing user experience and security measures.

Tab Synchronization and Organization

The highlight of this update is the introduction of tab groups, enabling users to organize related pages seamlessly. By right-clicking on a group of Chrome tabs, users can easily save and sync them across devices through a new “Save group” toggle. These saved tab groups are conveniently accessible from the bookmarks bar on any device where the user is signed in to a Google Account. Closing a site on one device will sync its disappearance across other signed-in devices.

NIX Solutions

Enhanced Security Checks

Chrome 120 brings an automatic security check running in the background, offering proactive alerts. These alerts cover scenarios like compromised saved passwords or the installation of potentially malicious extensions. Previously requiring manual initiation, the security check now automatically triggers and displays warnings prominently in the three-dot menu. Additionally, users can now revoke permissions, such as location and microphone access, on sites not visited recently. The feature also prompts users to disable notifications from infrequently interacted-with sites, adds NIXSolutions.

Memory Usage Feature

Google has introduced a new “Memory Usage” feature, visible when hovering over a tab. This addition allows users to monitor tab-specific memory consumption for better resource management.

According to reports, the rollout of these features will occur gradually over the next few weeks for desktop Chrome, including ChromeOS.