NIXSolutions: Google SGE Tests Image Search

In the latest experimental version of Google search, known as SGE (Search Generative Experience), an intriguing enhancement has surfaced: the ability to refine search queries using images.


Refining Queries with Images

An optimizer was among the first to spot this new feature—a camera icon nestled within the ‘People also ask’ block, offering an avenue for supplementary requests by integrating an image into the search.

This innovative addition allows users to augment a text query with an uploaded picture, leveraging visual content to enhance the search process.

Image-Driven Results

Upon uploading an image, SGE utilizes this visual input to generate search results tailored to the image’s content, potentially revolutionizing the search experience.

Currently, this feature is not universally accessible to all SGE users, but an imminent announcement hints at its forthcoming availability, notes NIXSolutions.

In a similar vein, Google SGE introduced generative AI-generated images in October, enabling users to generate images by simply entering descriptive phrases into the search bar, such as “draw a capybara in a chef’s hat preparing breakfast,” resulting in up to four generated images displayed in the search results.