NIXSolutions: Google Search Generative Experience Adds Image and Text Features

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) service now incorporates an image generation function powered by artificial intelligence algorithms. This move mirrors Microsoft’s introduction of a similar feature in Bing Chat, utilizing the OpenAI DALL-E model earlier this year.


Image Generation with SGE

Users who have activated the SGE function within the Google Search Labs section can now input image descriptions directly into the search bar. The system subsequently generates multiple images based on the description, allowing users to select the most suitable option. This functionality relies on the Imagen AI model, as disclosed by a Google representative to The Verge. Furthermore, the images produced by the neural network can be edited using text commands. This generator is also accessible within Google’s image search section. A search query can be converted into a command, with results appearing in the sidebar.

Responsible Image Creation

Developers emphasize the importance of responsible image creation. The system is programmed to refuse the generation of images that violate company policies. Each image produced by SGE is equipped with metadata and watermarks, indicating AI-based creation. The ability to generate photorealistic images of human faces is restricted, and images of celebrities cannot be created. While Google has expanded access to SGE for teenagers, the image generator remains exclusive to users aged 18 and above.

Text Generation Capabilities

In addition to image generation, SGE now offers users the ability to generate draft versions of texts in various writing styles upon request, notes NIXSolutions. Users can export their preferred version to Google Docs or Gmail.

Explore these exciting new features in Google’s Search Generative Experience and enhance your search experience.