NIX Solutions: Google Podcasts Service Closure

Google has provided clarity on the timeline for shutting down its Google Podcasts service, initially announced for discontinuation in September. The service is set to cease functioning in April 2024. However, users will retain access to podcasts via the app until the end of March.

NIX Solutions

Migration Tool for Smooth Transition

To facilitate the transition of existing podcast subscriptions to YouTube Music, Google is introducing a new tool. This tool, at its initial launch, will be exclusively available to residents of the United States. This migration tool will be visible as a banner atop the screen within the coming weeks and will be accompanied by step-by-step instructions on Google’s support site.

Options for Subscription Transfer

For users disinclined to shift to YouTube Music, an alternative is available. Subscriptions can be exported as an OPML file to any third-party podcast application that supports this format. The window for subscription transfers extends until July 2024.

Using the Migration Tool

To utilize the migration tool, users will need to navigate to the Export Subscriptions option at the screen’s top and subsequently tap the Export key under Export to YouTube Music. If the YouTube Music app isn’t installed, users will receive a prompt to do so.

Global Availability and Market Consolidation

Google aims to provide updates soon regarding the availability of the Google Podcasts migration tool in other countries, notes NIX Solutions. This strategic shift of podcasts to YouTube Music aligns with Google’s plan to streamline its efforts in the audio streaming market, unifying fragmented audiences currently spread across multiple apps.