NIX Solutions: Google Enhances Chrome Mobile with New Features

Google has updated the address bar in the Chrome browser for mobile devices, adding new features to Chrome Actions. Now, you can make calls, read reviews, or get directions directly from the address bar of your web browser.


This update builds on the Chrome Actions feature introduced in 2020, which already allowed users to perform tasks like editing passwords, translating pages into another language, or clearing browsing history directly from the address bar. The new features should make Chrome more versatile and user-friendly, Google stated in a blog post.

Live Sports Cards and Enhanced Search

In addition to the address bar enhancements, Google has introduced several other updates. Notably, live sports cards are now available in the Chrome News Feed on the New Tab page on iOS and Android. If a user has previously expressed interest in a sporting event, Chrome will automatically update information about a similar new event in the form of notifications or tips. You can set up the Discover channel in the Chrome mobile app by selecting the three-dot menu (Action Bar).

Search functionality has also improved. In the address bar of Chrome on iOS, tips in the form of popular search queries have appeared, which are displayed under the user’s recent search queries. This feature was previously implemented on Android.

Availability Across Devices

While Android users can already take advantage of these new features, iPhone and iPad users will have to wait a little longer as iOS devices will receive this update after some time, notes NIX Solutions. We’ll keep you updated on the rollout and any further enhancements.

These updates collectively aim to make the Chrome browser more user-friendly and functional, enhancing the overall browsing experience on mobile devices.