NIXSOLUTIONS: Google Chrome Gets Advanced Tracking Protection

Enthusiasts recently unveiled two noteworthy additions to the popular Chromium-based browser, both dedicated to enhancing user privacy.

NIX Solutions

Cookie Neutralization

One of these innovations focuses on neutralizing cookies that websites use to identify users, with Google’s proprietary protection system at the forefront. This protection system is set to be integrated into a new toolbar that consolidates all privacy settings into a user-friendly interface.

Tracking Protection and Incognito Mode

The second feature, called Tracking Protection, empowers users to dictate which third-party websites can employ cookies, notes NIXSOLUTIONS. Currently, the default browser prioritizes the seamless operation of web pages, primarily blocking third-party cookies. However, this means that many websites can still track the online activities of users. Additionally, Google is working on an improved version of its incognito mode, designed to prevent the browser from storing any browsing history. As of now, the release date for these innovations in the stable Chrome version remains undisclosed.