NIX Solutions: Edge Browser to Introduce User-Controlled RAM Allocation

Microsoft is addressing the RAM consumption issues plaguing its Edge browser with a forthcoming feature that puts users in control. Unlike conventional AI adjustments, this feature empowers users to determine the memory allocation tailored to their needs.

NIX Solutions

User-Controlled Memory Allocation

Insider reports, attributed to Leopeva64, reveal that the upcoming update will introduce a new setting within the browser menu. This setting will allow users to specify a RAM limit ranging from 1 to 16 GB, offering flexibility in resource management. However, opting for minimum allocation may lead to performance trade-offs, potentially impacting Edge’s speed, notyes NIX Solutions.

Innovation in Testing Phase

As of now, this innovation remains in the testing phase, with no definitive timeline provided for its integration into the stable release of Microsoft Edge. While users await its rollout, we’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding this promising feature.