NIXSolutions: DuckDuckGo Starts Beta Testing of Mac OS Desktop Browser

Anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo has launched a beta version of its browser for Mac and plans to launch a version for Windows soon, NIXSolutions reports.


Built into the DuckDuckGo browser is the company’s own search engine, ad tracker blocker, and email tracker blocker. It offers protection against cookie pop-ups on about half of the sites, with the number constantly increasing.

The browser provides the ability to instantly delete any saved data from recently visited websites, and the ability to easily return to the last viewed pages.

DuckDuckGo will not have access to user data from the browser, including passwords and browsing history, but all this data will be stored on the user’s device.

The company says that anyone interested in testing the beta version of the Mac browser can join a closed waiting list. You can apply in the DuckDuckGo mobile application, in the “Settings” section, select “DuckDuckGo for Desktop” and click on the “Join Private Waiting List” button.

The first registrants will have access to the application almost immediately, the rest of the invitations will be sent later.

Note that in January of this year, the DuckDuckGo search engine crossed the mark of 100 billion search queries over the entire existence of the service.