NIX Solutions: DuckDuckGo Browser For Windows Is In Public Beta

DuckDuckGo, the anonymous search engine, is expanding its product line with a new secure browser for Windows. The browser is already available for public beta testing and can be downloaded by everyone. Here are some of the main features and benefits of this browser:

1. Built-in search engine and tracker blocker:

The DuckDuckGo browser for Windows comes with a built-in company search engine and an effective ad and email tracker blocker. This will help you maintain your privacy and improve your security while browsing the web.

NIX Solutions

2. Protection against pop-ups and cookies:

The browser offers protection against intrusive cookie pop-ups on many websites. The number of supported sites is constantly increasing, providing you with a comfortable browsing experience.

3. Protection against targeted advertising and tracking cookies on YouTube:

DuckDuckGo for Windows provides protection against annoying targeted advertising and tracking cookies on the YouTube platform. Most of the ads will be hidden and the messages displayed will only be non-personalised. Your YouTube views will not affect your advertising profile.

4. Instant deletion of data from visited sites:

The browser offers a “Fire” feature that allows you to instantly delete all saved data from recently visited websites. This will help you maintain your privacy and security online.

5. Import passwords and bookmarks from other browsers:

Switching to the new secure DuckDuckGo browser for Windows is easy and convenient. You can import your passwords and bookmarks from another browser or password manager with just a few clicks.

The DuckDuckGo browser for Windows offers a wide range of features for everyday tasks and privacy protection, concludes NIX Solutions. It will help you secure and maintain your privacy online. Don’t miss the chance to try out this new secure browser now!