NIX Solutions: Google Updated Guide to Discover Recommendations Feed

The specialists noted that Google has significantly updated its guide to optimizing content for its Discover recommendation feed.

The document has been completely redesigned: Google restructured it, clarified the differences between the recommendation feed and mainstream search, explained how content gets to Discover, and added a new paragraph about E-A-T, reports SearchEngines.

For example, one paragraph says that Google’s automated systems display content in the recommendation feed from those sites that have many pages that demonstrate E-A-T (expertise, authority and reliability).

To improve these metrics, Google recommends using questions previously asked by site owners in the context of mainstream searches.

NIX Solutions also notes that while mainstream search and recommendation feed are separate verticals, the general E-A-T guidelines for content are similar.

The previous version of the manual included two sections:

  • How to optimize content for Google recommendations
  • How to evaluate website performance in recommendations

The updated manual now contains the following sections:

  • How Discover is different from Search
  • How content appears in Discover
  • Monitor your performance on Discover.