NIX Solutions: Decrease in Zero-Click Sessions Spotted

Search engine optimization specialist Rand Fishkin has published the results of a study revealing the percentage of Google search sessions that do not result in a click (Zero-click). This study is based on US data for 2024 and provides valuable insights for publishers, content creators, and regulators.

NIX Solutions

Key Findings of the Study

The number of Zero-click sessions has decreased. This year, the number of “zero-click results” was 58.5%, compared to 65% in 2021. Additionally, 37% of queries to Google do not result in any user action. For 21.4% of queries, users reformulate the search query, and in 41.5% of cases, users click on search results and go to websites.

Impact on Publishers and Content Creators

The most notable numbers for publishers, content creators, and regulators are as follows: for every 1,000 Google searches in the US, only 360 clicks go to sites that are not owned by Google and do not buy advertising from Google. Almost two-thirds of search queries remain within the Google ecosystem, notes Rand Fishkin.

NIX Solutions reminds that Google previously announced it would stop indexing sites that are not available for mobile devices starting July 5, 2024. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments.

This study highlights significant trends in user behavior on Google and the impact on traffic distribution. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying informed about these changes is crucial for publishers, content creators, and regulators alike.