NIX Solutions: Only 19% of 1,500 Sites Have Good Core Web Vitals Scores

iProspect monitors Core Web Vitals for 1,500 sites across 15 industries. As of April 21, only 19% of sites are rated “Good”. 81% of the resources in the sample have such ratings as “Needs improvement” and “Poor”.

According to the latest data, the launch of the new Page Experience ranking signal, which also includes core web metrics, or Core Web Vitals, will begin in mid-June, that is, less than two months from now. However, the situation on the sites is now pretty depressing.

The most prepared for the upcoming update in the iProspect sample are government websites. In this category, 44% of the resources are rated as “Good”.

The worst prepared sites are from the fashion industry. In this category, only 4% of sites are rated “Good”.

With the launch of the Page Experience update, Google will start counting Core Web Vitals – along with other page usability signals – in mobile searches. If all other metrics are comparable, then pages with higher CWV scores will take precedence.

You can track the situation with Core Web Vitals on the iProspect sample on the page. You can also check your site here and see lists of the best and worst resources in terms of CWV for the current day.

More about the data collected:

  • iProspect tracks 1,500 unique sites across 15 industries (top 100 in each industry by traffic);
  • A list of domain names classified by industry was provided by Similar Web. This list is based on UK data.
  • Metrics are collected daily via the Chrome UX API.
  • Data is collected for mobile devices only.

NIX Solutions notes that this week a report on Page Experience appeared in Google Search Console. There you can find out how user-friendly the site is.