NIX Solutions: Content Ideas Tool in Google Search Console

Not so long ago, in December 2022, we wrote that Google Search Console is experimenting with a new feature called content ideas. A number of GSC users have accessed the tool and have been able to test new topics that they can write about on their site.

NIX Solutions

The other day, Google sent out even more invitations to use “content ideas”, but noted that the feature is only available until March 28, 2023, says SearchEngines.

After gaining access to a new tool, a notification also appears in the interface: “New! Get inspiration for new content (available until March 28).”

Earlier, SEO-experts noted that the “content ideas” in GSC are very similar to the Google Question Hub service, and assumed that these two services are somehow related to each other – for example, Question Hub collects questions on search that users do not find an answer to, and then this information is transmitted to the owners of sites of the corresponding subject through the Search Console.

However, just a week later, Google announced the imminent closure of the Question Hub. This news was considered proof that Google plans to move the functionality of the Question Hub to the Search Console, and “content ideas” will soon be officially presented by the search engine.

As you can see, Google really invites webmasters to use the new tool, but at the same time warns that it will be available only until March 28th.

It can only be speculated what awaits “content ideas” at GSC, notes NIX Solutions. Some believe that the test period for using the tool will last until March 28, and then it will be presented to the general public, others that it will suffer the fate of Question Hub and Google Optimize. Time will tell what Google is really up to.