NIX Soluitions: Chrome Dominates Speedometer 3.0 Test

Google Chrome has once again confirmed its title as the fastest web browser in the world. According to the results of the Speedometer 3.0 performance test, Chrome achieved the highest score in the history of this test.

NIX Solutions

Performance Enhancements

Speedometer 3.0 simulates real-life user actions in web applications, such as adding tasks and editing text. Based on the speed at which these tasks are performed, the test evaluates the browser’s performance. This meter was developed jointly by IT giants Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla for an objective comparison of different browsers.

According to TechSpot, to achieve a record result, Google engineers optimized Chrome in several areas. In particular, they accelerated operations such as string processing and deduplication of style sheets (eliminating redundant copies), improved rendering of form elements to save memory, and made a number of improvements to the HarfBuzz text formatting engine for faster work with Apple fonts. In addition, improvements to the garbage collection system provided an additional 3% increase in speed.

Market Position and Competition

Even though the speed differences between major browsers today are not as great as they used to be, manufacturers continue to race for the lead. Last year, Firefox beat Chrome in the SunSpider JavaScript performance test. However, Chrome’s leadership in the browser market remains overwhelming, with a 65% share as of May 2024. Far behind are Apple’s Safari (18%) and Microsoft’s Edge (5%). Over the past five years, the balance of power in the market has remained virtually unchanged, and no major changes are expected in the near future, notes NIX Solutions.

We’ll keep you updated on any future developments in the browser market and Chrome’s ongoing performance improvements.