NIXSolutions: Chrome Cements Itself as the World’s Most Popular Browser

According to StatCounter’s April 2024 data, there have been no significant shifts in the popularity rankings of Internet browsers. Here’s a breakdown of the latest developments:


Google Chrome Maintains Dominance:

Google Chrome continues to lead the pack on both PC and mobile platforms. With a PC share of 65.94% and a mobile share of 65.68%, Google’s browser is holding strong. Despite this commanding position, Google is gearing up for further innovations, with plans to release a version of Chrome optimized for the next generation of AI-powered computers running Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge Holds Ground:

Microsoft Edge saw a slight uptick in its desktop market share, reaching 12.82% in April. While its mobile counterpart lags behind, occupying the ninth spot with a mere 0.39% share, Microsoft is commendable for its efforts to enhance the browser with AI-driven features.

Apple Safari Faces Challenges:

Apple Safari retains its third position among PC browsers, albeit with a slight dip in market share to 8.44%. However, on mobile devices, Safari secures the second spot with a 23.75% share. Meanwhile, Samsung Internet clinches the bronze with a 4.33% share. Despite its strong standing, Safari’s future may face uncertainty amid rumors of Mozilla’s potential shift away from its iconic open-source browser toward AI services, notes NIXSolutions.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments in the browser market landscape. Stay tuned for more insights and analysis.