NIXSolutions: Brave Search’s Independence from Bing

Brave Search, the search engine created by privacy-focused Brave Browser, has cut ties with Bing and is now fully independent. The move comes after a period of testing and feedback from users. Brave Search has been in beta since March 2021, and its official release is expected to come later this year.

The move to independence means that Brave Search will no longer rely on Bing for its search results. Instead, it will use its own search index, which is built from scratch. The Brave Search index is focused on privacy and aims to provide users with unbiased search results that are not influenced by advertising or other commercial interests.


Google as a Fallback Option

Although Brave Search is now independent, it still has a fallback option in place in case it can’t find relevant search results. The fallback option is Google, which means that users will still get search results from the search giant in some cases.

According to Brave Search, the fallback to Google is only used when necessary and is not used for advertising or tracking purposes. Instead, it is used to ensure that users get the best possible search results, even if they are not available in the Brave Search index.

Brave Search’s Commitment to Privacy

Brave Search is committed to user privacy and does not track users or their search history. This means that users can search the web without worrying about their search queries being stored or used for advertising purposes. Additionally, Brave Search does not use any third-party trackers or analytics tools.

Brave Search’s privacy-focused approach has been well-received by users, and the search engine has gained popularity in recent months. As more users become aware of the importance of privacy, it’s likely that Brave Search will continue to grow in popularity and challenge the dominance of search giants like Google.

Brave Search’s move to independence is a significant step in the development of the privacy-focused search engine, concludes NIXSolutions. By cutting ties with Bing and relying on its own search index, Brave Search can provide users with unbiased search results that are not influenced by advertising or commercial interests. And, with Google as a fallback option, users can be sure that they will always get the best possible search results.