NIXsolutions: Brave Integrates Search into AI Chatbot Leo

Brave, known for its privacy-focused browser and search engine, has announced the launch of a new feature: integrating search results into the Leo chatbot. Users can now ask Leo questions and receive relevant information in response, based on search queries through the Brave Search API.

NIX Solutions

Enhanced Information Retrieval

According to the developers, this integration will allow users to more efficiently find the information they need in real-time. For example, while reading an article, you can ask the chatbot a question to get additional context on the topic. Leo can also now suggest the most popular topics and trends for publications on social networks, TechCrunch reports.

Brave emphasizes that the new feature fully preserves user privacy. No registration or account login is required to use it. In addition, dialogues with Leo are not saved anywhere and are not used to train the neural network. Requests go through an anonymizer before being sent to the server. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments related to this feature.

Subscription Options and Privacy Measures

In addition to free access, there is also a paid Leo Premium subscription for $15 per month. It increases request limits and provides access to the most advanced AI models. When purchasing a subscription, special tokens are issued to prevent personal identification.

Brave has previously made attempts to integrate AI capabilities into its products to attract more users. Last year, the company added an AI feature to search, and in November, it launched Leo as a personal AI assistant for everyone. Now, the combination of search and chatbot aims to improve the quality of answers, adds NIXsolutions.

Brave’s integration of its search engine with the Leo chatbot marks a significant step in enhancing user experience by providing real-time, relevant information while maintaining user privacy. This development is part of Brave’s ongoing effort to leverage AI technology in its products. We’ll keep you updated as more features and improvements are rolled out.