NIX Solutions: Bing’s Query Responses Update

Microsoft Bing is testing a new way to show full responses to a user query. Now, before showing the list of results, the search engine shows a box that says “click to see the full answer.”

NIX Solutions

A screenshot of the test issue was published on Twitter by British specialist David Iwanow.

SEOs agreed that it seems super counter-intuitive for a search engine to require an extra click to show results for a query, but “hey, search engines test a lot, even that.” No one was able to reproduce this version of the issue, even if the geolocation was changed to the UK, says SearchEngines.

A similar issue was tested by Microsoft Bing last year. Indian SEO analyst Kushal Bherwani posted screenshots on Twitter in December, where the search results were shown in blurry form, and only after clicking on the “press full answer” button, the search results became clearer.

In April of this year, he noticed this test again, but this time Bing blurred and hidden results for the query containing video behind an additional click.

Everyone who has encountered such a Bing issue notes its strangeness and inconvenience, but the search engine claims that in this way it “learns how to make the search more useful” for the user, notes NIX Solutions.

Recall that in the fall of last year, the Page Insights function appeared in Bing search, which provides additional information about the pages in the search results. It works similar to the “About this result” function in Google search.