NIXSolutions: 5 New Google Chrome Features for Secure Password Management

Google Chrome will soon introduce five new features that will make working with passwords much easier. The Chrome password manager will have a separate tab in settings, as well as the ability to create password notes, simplified import from other password managers, iOS compatibility, and most importantly, biometric authentication.


Dedicated tab in Chrome settings

Google Password Manager will get a dedicated space in Chrome’s settings, making it easier to access saved online credentials and change password settings. To access the password manager, you will be able to select the “Password Manager” setting from the Chrome menu, or open the Chrome settings and go to the “Autofill and passwords” section. If you want to access your password manager even faster, you can create a dedicated shortcut on your Windows desktop.

Biometric authentication

Now the biometric authentication feature will be available on desktop computers. Google Password Manager already supports this feature on mobile devices, and now it will also be available to PC users who will be able to authenticate using Windows Hello.

Password notes

Users will be able to add notes to any password saved in Google’s password manager. This is especially useful if you use multiple accounts for the same site, or if you want to save your PIN, account name, or other account-related information.

Simplified password import

Chrome will now be able to import passwords from other password managers in CSV format using the desktop version of the browser. The company’s website will provide export instructions from various password managers to make the import process as easy as possible.

Password Checkup feature on iOS devices

The Password Checkup feature, which keeps saved passwords secure, will now be available on iOS devices. Previously, it was only available on desktop computers and Android devices. Password Checkup will notify you if any of your passwords have been cracked, are too weak, or are being reused and will help you fix any issues.

With new features, Google Chrome becomes a more secure and convenient tool for managing passwords, concludes NIXSolutions. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of these improvements and keep your accounts secure.