NIX Solutions: What Happens on the Internet Every Minute

The Data Never Sleeps infographic, now in its 11th year, delves into the intricate landscape of internet activity per minute. Compiled meticulously by Domo, this comprehensive annual report encapsulates the pulse of the digital realm. Ben Schein, Domo’s senior vice president of product, highlights the essence of the report, emphasizing its focus on prevailing trends and cultural phenomena while employing concise visual aids.

NIX Solutions

Domo’s analysts meticulously curate several key statistical indicators reflecting the dynamic nature of online activity:

  1. Emails Sent:
    • 2022: 231.4 million
    • 2023: 241 million
    • 2013: 204 million
  2. Google Search Queries:
    • 2022: 5.9 million
    • 2023: 6.3 million
    • 2013: 2 million
  3. Tweets:
    • 2022: 347,200
    • 2023: 360,000
    • 2013: 100,000
  4. Streaming Video Time:
    • 2022: 114 years
    • 2023: 43 years (attributed to the post-pandemic shift)

Instagram retains its longstanding presence in Domo’s statistics, notably in Reel frequency through private messages (694,000 times per minute) and the Threads application downloads (3,720 times per minute) since its July launch. Past records also reveal Instagram’s dominance, such as the staggering 46,740 photos uploaded per minute in 2017.

A fresh addition to the internet’s focus is generative artificial intelligence, notably ChatGPT processing 6,944 requests every minute, reflecting the evolving interests of online users.

A pivotal revelation from Domo’s report is the exponential rise in global internet users, surging to 5.2 billion people, accounting for 64.6% of the world’s population, notes NIX Solutions. This starkly contrasts with the 2.1 billion accessing the internet in 2013, underscoring the monumental growth and accessibility of the digital sphere over the decade.