NIX Solutions: Specialists in IT and SMM will be especially in demand after the pandemic

Digitalization of companies and the transition to remote work in connection with the spread of COVID-19 will increase the demand for experts on digitalization of processes, programmers, SMM and content managers, as well as specialists in organizing time. Such conclusions were reached by analysts at the Institute for Progressive Education, who studied professions that would be in demand after a pandemic, reports SearchEngines.

Employers will also look for consultants for call centers, employees of online stores and couriers.

It is also noted that there is an increasing demand for anti-crisis consultants to promote enterprises in critical circumstances, as well as for personal finance consultants. says NIX Solutions.

In general, the demand for online general practitioners and carers is increasing. A long period of isolation will also provoke an increase in the demand for psychologists.

Experts and household services specialists, such as plumbers, furniture assemblers, and photographers, will not be left without attention.