NIX Solutions: Google Found an Alternative to the Canceled Conference

Google has introduced a series of video materials under the general name Webmaster Conference Lighting Tasks to the community. These are news releases from leading Google experts conducted in the style of the conference of the same name.

Actually generated content will become a substitute for professional Google events, canceled around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, states NIX Solutions. Throughout the year, the Google Webmasters channel will be constantly updated with new episodes. Correct subtitles are written in the 10 most popular languages ​​of the European, Asian and American regions for each issue.

Among the leading experts considering focus topics are:

  • Martin Splitt – Referenced mass and JavaScript;
  • John Muller – HTTPS protocol;
  • Daniel Weisberg – Structured data and work with Search Console;
  • John Brown – Monetization policy.

The corporation promised that the first thematic issues will appear in April.