NIX Solutions’ Summary: How the Search Queries Changed During Pandemic

Yandex analyzed search queries and examples of topics the interest for which grew and fell against the spread of coronavirus. The company provided detailed statistics on requests and schedules for the spread of viruses on a special page, and here is NIX Solutions’ summary. The data show that the first acute reaction to coronavirus and self-isolation has already passed, but life has not returned to normal.

What were Yandex users interested in last month

  • Health Concern

Statistics show that users are increasingly interested in hygiene and virus protection: hand washing, masks, antiseptics. Some even thought about buying their own ventilators.

  • Search for entertainment

Last month, there were more requests for rest without leaving home. Users were interested in what to read, what to do. There were those who even wanted to learn how to juggle and collect origami.

  • New skills

The number of queries starting with the words “how to study,” as well as the popularity of online courses that fell in April, has increased.

  • Remote work and study

The number of requests for the organization of the workplace has increased. Users also began to look more often for tools for online conferences. The demand for laptops has grown.

  • Job loss

The number of applications for unemployment benefits has increased significantly, and they have become less likely to ask about vacancies.

  • Anxiety

More often than usual, users were interested in the news, asking how to cope with anxiety, not losing their minds and when it all ends.