NIX Solutions: Web 3.0 Won’t Kill SEO

There was an interesting discussion on Reddit the other day about Web 3.0 and SEO.

One of the users of the platform asked the question: “Will Web 3.0 kill SEO? I’m just afraid that I’ll be out of a job soon.” Google employee John Mueller answered shortly: “No.”

NIX Solutions

Other participants in the discussion also believe that there is no cause for concern. Below are a few quotes:

“No, because search engines will continue to be used in Web 3.0. Everything that is now used on the Internet will be in Web 3.0. The reason is that there is no replacement for search engines yet. In the metaverse, people will continue to use YouTube, and so will Google.”

“Web 3.0 is not yet what it should be. However, I don’t think it will have much of an impact on SEO – if at all.”

“I look at Web 3.0 as voice search – it’s nice to have, but it doesn’t affect SEO – at least not initially.”

“All the technical things you do will evolve, but the overall goal of SEO will remain, and search engine optimization will have new tools and processes.”

“The Internet as you know it will not change. You will still have search engines, marketplaces, social networks, e-commerce, etc.”

“As long as there are search engines, search engine optimization will be in demand.”

Web 3.0 is the coming third generation of the Internet, which will be based on decentralization, the absence of a single body of control and censorship, explains NIX Solutions. This version is currently under development. Decentralized content, artificial intelligence and the metaverse are the main proposed features of the new network, says SearchEngines. It is supposed to be a network of open protocols and applications owned by their developers and users, and no intermediaries.