NIXsolutions: Google Shares Tips for Creating Successful Content

The Google Web Creators team shared tips on how to create successful content. The article is filled with practical examples and recommendations from popular bloggers.


NIXsolutions notes that none of these tips are SEO related, but online marketing success is not limited to search engine optimization.

According to Google, the following points should be followed to create an effective content strategy:

  • Create a publication plan. Most successful authors will confirm that it is important to schedule specific times to publish content. Waiting for inspiration is not the most viable strategy.
  • Play to your strengths. Each creator has their own style, their own personality, which allows you to create unique content.
  • Create multiple materials at a time. The experience of successful bloggers suggests that you should create the largest possible amount of content at a time, but do not forget about quality.
  • Reduce, recycle and reuse content. It’s important to consider your audience’s attention span across all platforms. The same person on different platforms is in a different mood and requires a different presentation of the same content. Therefore, it is recommended to publish content in different formats and use multiple channels. This helps to expand the audience and reach users who consume information in different ways.
  • The main thing is quality, not quantity. When creating content, it is always important to focus on its quality and value for users.