NIX Solutions: Steam Hits New Concurrent User Record in First Weekend of 2024

The first weekend of 2024 saw Steam, the digital distribution service, achieve a remarkable milestone as noted by VG247. An unprecedented number of users were simultaneously online, setting a new record for the platform.

NIX Solutions

Breaking Previous Records

Previously, Steam’s peak online users hit a high of 33.598 million last March. However, as of January 7, around 17:00, Steam shattered its own record with a staggering 33.676 million (33,676,351) active users. Concurrently, SteamDB reported over 10.653 million users in-game, marking another peak.

Post-Holiday Surge and Steam Deck’s Impact

This surge in user numbers followed the conclusion of an extensive winter sale, with VG247 attributing this achievement partly to the growing popularity of the Steam Deck, adds NIX Solutions. GamingOnLinux noted that Valve’s portable PC now supports over 13 thousand games, encompassing titles categorized under “Tested on Deck” (4359) and “Can be played” (8752).