NIX Solutions: John Mueller’s SEO Advice

Google Search specialist John Mueller decided to respond via Twitter to all webmasters who ask him for advice on SEO.

“Maybe you should stop reading SEO blogs and instead do something useful for your site and its users?” Muller wrote.

NIX Solutions

He agrees that ranking is more than just text on the page, but explains that in order to rank in any way, this text must still be on the page. And it should be of high quality, interesting and responsive to the user’s request.

You can’t get to the top site with mediocre texts, and instead of looking at SEO blogs for different ways to get there, you just need to rewrite the texts.

“Throw out all the garbage, remove the filler info and expose the essence. Don’t copy someone else’s. Do useful things that you can be proud of. Use affiliate links if you want, but don’t be an affiliate: be real, be yourself,” advises a Google spokesperson.

In the comments on the posts, some webmasters called this John Mueller’s best SEO advice, while others explained everything as “post-holiday syndrome”, says SearchEngines. Still others agreed that you need to follow all the trends and changes in algorithms, and then come up with your own ways to use this to grow your site.

NIX Solutions reminds that last week Google announced the launch of the next stage of the Product Reviews Update. This is the fourth update to the Review Ranking Algorithm and will take approximately two to three weeks to fully roll out.