NIX Solutions: Google Search Console Reporting Will Be More Detailed

Google said it’s adding more information to structured data error reporting in Search Console to help users better understand issues. There will be no more errors, but detailed information will appear on them.

NIX Solutions

For example, if the Review snippet markup doesn’t include the author’s name, Search Console used to report an error like this: “‎‎Missing field “name”‎”‎. Now the error will look like this: “‎‎Missing field “name” (in “author”)‎”‎. Additional text in parentheses will explain what exactly needs to be corrected, says SEOnews.

The new rules will affect rich results status reporting, the URL Inspection tool, and rich results checking. Wherein:

  • All open bugs will be automatically closed.
  • New error names will appear in the report, which will tell you what to add to the structured data markup.

NIX Solutions adds that Google also noted that if a fix review was previously requested in Search Console, it should be requested again.