NIXSolutions: Google on Ranking for Specific URLs

During the last webmaster hangout, Google employee John Mueller confirmed that the company is recording all search updates. However, this does not always help determine the reasons for changes in rankings for specific URLs, notes SearchEngines.


This topic was brought up by SEO consultant Alan Blaweis. He asked, “Does Google have someone tasked with logging each update and noting which aspects of search will be affected? If so, is it called Google’s Book of Secrets? ”

According to Mueller, Google does document all changes to search. At the same time, he added that despite the access to this data, it is not always possible to determine the reason for changes by specific URLs.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to track, even on our side, which of these changes had an impact and what caused this ranking difference,” Mueller said.

NIXSolutions reports that even if Google published all this data in the public domain, in practice it would hardly be useful:

“Even if you had this kind of changelog in Google Search, it would be difficult to translate this information into something useful.”