NIXSolutions: Personal Data Can Now Be Deleted From Google

As you know, leaving marks on the Internet is easy, and deleting your data is difficult. To simplify this task, Google undertook to update the privacy policy. Now users will be able to “clear” personal information in a proprietary search engine manually – albeit with some reservations.


You can submit a request to delete confidential information left on the network through a special form. The user needs to specify a URL (or several, up to a thousand), containing data that allows you to be identified. Upon approval of the request, the company undertakes to remove such information from all search results on Google, says 4PDA.

In the concept of personal data, the company includes contact information such as postal and e-mail addresses, as well as a telephone number. The innovation is already available to all users. Google promises to continue to refine the list of features that ensure the security of personal data. Nevertheless, NIXSolutions notes that not everything that users ask for will be removed from the search engine.

“When we receive takedown requests, we evaluate the entire content of a web page to ensure that we do not restrict the availability of other information, such as in news articles. We will also analyze whether the content is part of the public domain on official source websites. In such cases, we will not perform the removal,” said the company representatives.